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Wolfenstein 3-D!
This is a port of Wolf4SDL, which is derived from the original id software source release. The port runs on top of the SDL plugin runtime and is loaded as an overlay. Licensing of the game code is not an issue, as discussed below (essentially, the Debian project treats Wolf4SDL as GPLv2, with an email from John Carmack backing it up): Included is a copy of MAME's Yamaha OPL sound chip emulator (fmopl_gpl.c). This file was not part of the original Wolf4SDL source (which includes a non-GPL'd version), but was rather rebased from from a later MAME source which had been relicensed to GPLv2. Change-Id: I64c2ba035e0be7e2f49252f40640641416613439
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+This file explains how you can compile Wolf4SDL using Bloodshed's Dev-C++.
+Keep in mind, that Dev-C++ is a dead project since 2005. The recommended way
+to compile Wolf4SDL on Windows is using Visual Studio 2005 C++ or the free
+Visual C++ 2005 Express. But for dial-up users Dev-C++ is probably still a
+good option.
+Needed files:
+ - "Dev-C++ 5.0 Beta 9.2 (" with Mingw/GCC 3.4.2 (about 9 MB)
+ - SDL-1.2.13-1chaos.DevPak (544 kB)
+ -> Downloads
+ - SDL_mixer-1.2.6-2mol.DevPak (347 kB)
+ - Install Dev-C++ to C:\Dev-Cpp
+ - Open
+ - Go to "Tools" -> "Package Manager"
+ - Click on the "Install" button in the toolbar
+ - Select "SDL-1.2.13-1chaos.DevPak" (where ever you saved it)
+ - Some "Next" buttons and a "Finish" button later...
+ - Click on the "Install" button in the toolbar
+ - Select "SDL_mixer-1.2.6-2mol.DevPak" (where ever you saved it)
+ - Some "Next" buttons and a "Finish" button later...
+ - Close the Package Manager
+Data file setup:
+ - Copy the data files (e.g. *.WL6) you want to use to the Wolf4SDL
+ source code folder
+ - If you want to use the data files of the full Activision version of
+ Wolfenstein 3D v1.4, you can just skip to the next section
+ - Otherwise open "version.h" and comment/uncomment the definitions
+ according to the description given in this file
+Compiling Wolf4SDL:
+ - Compile via "Execute" -> "Compile"
+ - No errors should be displayed
+ - Run Wolf4SDL via "Execute" -> "Run"
+ - If you get an error message "undefined reference to `__cpu_features_init'",
+ make sure, there is no c:\mingw folder. Otherwise Dev-C++ will mix different
+ versions of MinGW libraries...