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These are my port notes for Quake. This runs, of course, on our SDL
-port. See <> for more.
+port. See <> for more.
Port Lineage
@@ -29,11 +29,18 @@ when running, so there's plenty of space for this on some targets
Known bugs
-Setting the sample rate to 44.1 KHz leads to all sorts of weird
-crashes, which stem (probably) from the same underlying memory
+SOLVED: Setting the sample rate to 44.1 KHz leads to all sorts of
+weird crashes, which stem (probably) from the same underlying memory
corruption issue. Only thing is, it seems to occur only on hardware so
it's a huge pain to debug.
+This issue turned out to be a synchronization issue when loading files
+from multiple threads. Fixed with some mutex locks. - 8/2/19
+There is a weird crash that occurs on simulator only when playing the
+first demo. I've inserted a splash statement so we can watch for it on
Optimization targets