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Tree / Playlist Viewer / Menu: Fix redraw issuesHEADmaster
1) Tree_lists was only initialized when booting the player. In cases where a skin used custom UI viewports of different sizes, when switching between screens, such as between root menu, QuickScreen, and tree browser, this caused list titles to appear with a significant delay, unless a GUI_EVENT_ACTIONUPDATE was sent. Tree_lists is now initialized when entering dirbrowse or when restoring/reloading the list. This eliminates multiple redundant UI refreshes when entering the tree browser, due to gui_synclist_draw not being called twice anymore and by being able to omit GUI_EVENT_ACTIONUPDATE. Separate calls to gui_synclist_init_display_settings have become unnecessary since it is already called by gui_synclist_init. 2) The synclist is also re-initialized when returning from the QuickScreen in the Playlist Viewer or regular menus, or when returning from Settings menus Change-Id: I2884249eda55f782e97abad9dc19b3d9d1267fc9
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