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authorWilliam Wilgus <>2018-12-24 14:24:03 -0600
committerWilliam Wilgus <>2018-12-24 21:37:06 +0100
commita71af1778dc92132748879e6c14d620807a9c421 (patch)
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parentc45016dd88a7fde0e05b3702261509a91d09ecec (diff)
Fix lua helpers -- supress line markers in preproc source generation scripts
In newer builds line markers prevent lua helper scripts from grabbing some inputs especially _bool This patch adds the -P switch Inhibit generation of linemarkers in the output from the preprocessor. This might be useful when running the preprocessor on something that is not C code, and will be sent to a program which might be confused by the linemarkers. Change-Id: I66c3b099729f6651300f9fcf4670533a20cc90c1
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diff --git a/apps/plugins/lua/lua.make b/apps/plugins/lua/lua.make
index 0eb3c5a5c2..b5a0c74633 100644
--- a/apps/plugins/lua/lua.make
+++ b/apps/plugins/lua/lua.make
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ endif
$(LUA_BUILDDIR)/lua.rock: $(LUA_OBJ) $(TLSFLIB) $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/actions.lua $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/buttons.lua $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/settings.lua $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/rocklib_aux.o $(LUA_INCLUDELIST)
$(LUA_BUILDDIR)/actions.lua: $(LUA_OBJ) $(LUA_SRCDIR)/
- $(call PRINTS,GEN $(@F))$(CC) $(PLUGINFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) -E $(APPSDIR)/plugins/lib/pluginlib_actions.h | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/ > $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/actions.lua
+ $(call PRINTS,GEN $(@F))$(CC) $(PLUGINFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) -E -P $(APPSDIR)/plugins/lib/pluginlib_actions.h | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/ > $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/actions.lua
$(LUA_BUILDDIR)/settings.lua: $(LUA_OBJ) $(LUA_SRCDIR)/
$(SILENT)$(CC) $(INCLUDES) -E -P $(TARGET) $(CFLAGS) -include plugin.h -include cuesheet.h - < /dev/null | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/ | \
@@ -47,11 +47,11 @@ $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/settings.lua: $(LUA_OBJ) $(LUA_SRCDIR)/
HOST_INCLUDES := $(filter-out %/libc/include,$(INCLUDES))
$(LUA_BUILDDIR)/buttons.lua: $(LUA_OBJ) $(LUA_SRCDIR)/
- $(SILENT)$(CC) $(INCLUDES) -dM -E -include button-target.h - < /dev/null | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/ | $(HOSTCC) -fno-builtin $(HOST_INCLUDES) -x c -o $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/button_helper -
+ $(SILENT)$(CC) $(INCLUDES) -dM -E -P -include button-target.h - < /dev/null | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/ | $(HOSTCC) -fno-builtin $(HOST_INCLUDES) -x c -o $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/button_helper -
$(call PRINTS,GEN $(@F))$(LUA_BUILDDIR)/button_helper > $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/buttons.lua
$(LUA_BUILDDIR)/rocklib_aux.c: $(APPSDIR)/plugin.h $(LUA_OBJ) $(LUA_SRCDIR)/
- $(call PRINTS,GEN $(@F))$(CC) $(PLUGINFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) -E -include plugin.h - < /dev/null | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/ $(LUA_SRCDIR) > $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/rocklib_aux.c
+ $(call PRINTS,GEN $(@F))$(CC) $(PLUGINFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) -E -P -include plugin.h - < /dev/null | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/ $(LUA_SRCDIR) > $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/rocklib_aux.c
$(LUA_BUILDDIR)/rocklib_aux.o: $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/rocklib_aux.c
$(call PRINTS,CC $(<F))$(CC) $(INCLUDES) $(PLUGINFLAGS) -I $(LUA_SRCDIR) -c $< -o $@