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authorJonathan Gordon <>2012-02-28 22:26:32 +1100
committerJonathan Gordon <>2012-02-28 23:03:04 +1100
commit2c71aa9feb0268da7d993feddbbe4db591fcd3ba (patch)
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lcd/skin_engine: Add the ability to draw onto the backdrop layer
The framebuffer the lcd driver uses can now be changed on the fly which means that regular lcd_* drawing functions can draw onto the "backdrop" buffer. The skin engine can use this to create layered effects. Add the tag %VB to a viewport to draw that viewport onto the backdrop layer. If you want to draw an image onto the backdrop framebuffer use %x(backdrop filename) instead of %X() inside a viewport with %VB. Change-Id: I741498e2af6d4f2d78932cabe8942317893e7cfc
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diff --git a/apps/screen_access.h b/apps/screen_access.h
index a9d1408898..343829b915 100644
--- a/apps/screen_access.h
+++ b/apps/screen_access.h
@@ -160,6 +160,9 @@ struct screen
bool (*backdrop_load)(const char *filename, char* backdrop_buffer);
void (*backdrop_show)(char* backdrop_buffer);
+#if defined(HAVE_LCD_BITMAP)
+ void (*set_framebuffer)(void *framebuffer);
#if defined(HAVE_LCD_BITMAP) || defined(HAVE_REMOTE_LCD)