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authorUdo Schläpfer <>2015-01-30 22:47:30 +0100
committerUdo Schläpfer <>2015-02-02 21:58:25 +0100
commit040306a71663d98f1ca568b61010ee125d1e6501 (patch)
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iBasso DX50/DX90: User selectable freq scaling governor.
Depends on This patch adds a new setting in Settings -> General -> System: Freq Scaling Governor Usable in Quickscreen and Shortcuts. Possible settings are: - Conservative: Slow frequency switching. - Ondemand or Interactive: Fast frequency switching. - Powersave: Allways lowest frequency. - Performance: Allways highest frequency. German translation provided. This may be genric for Android kernel based devices but is only enabled for iBasso Devices. Other maintainers may choose do adopt this. Change-Id: I10296f5be9586ad3a409105db0cd03682a30e9c1
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diff --git a/apps/settings.h b/apps/settings.h
index 4ea56d273e..5d25dc7ab0 100644
--- a/apps/settings.h
+++ b/apps/settings.h
@@ -850,6 +850,10 @@ struct user_settings
int pbe_precut;
int afr_enabled;
+#if defined(DX50) || defined(DX90)
+ int governor;
/** global variables **/