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New crossfeed algorithm for Rockbox: "Meier" crossfeed
Emulates the basic "Meier" crossfeed (2 capacitors, 3 resistors) as discussed in This crossfeed blends a bit of low-pass filtered L signal into the R signal (and vice versa) while adding about 300 us delay to the crossfed-signal. A difference with the crossfeed already present in rockbox, is that this algorithm keeps the total spectrum flat (the one currently in rockbox accentuates low-frequency signals, making it sound a bit muffled). This implementation is quite lightweight, just 3 multiplies per left-right pair of samples. Has a default C implementation and optimized assembly versions for ARM and Coldfire. The crossfeed effect is quite subtle and is noticeable mostly one albums that have very strong left-right separation (e.g. one instrument only on the left, another only on the right). In the user interface, the new crossfeed option appears as "Meier" and is not configureable. The existing crossfeed is renamed to "Custom" as it allows itself to be customised. There is no entry for the user manual yet. Change-Id: Iaa100616fe0fcd7e16f08cdb9a7f41501973eee1
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diff --git a/apps/settings.h b/apps/settings.h
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--- a/apps/settings.h
+++ b/apps/settings.h
@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ struct user_settings
struct replaygain_settings replaygain_settings;
/* Crossfeed */
- bool crossfeed; /* enable crossfeed */
+ int crossfeed; /* crossfeed type */
unsigned int crossfeed_direct_gain; /* dB x 10 */
unsigned int crossfeed_cross_gain; /* dB x 10 */
unsigned int crossfeed_hf_attenuation; /* dB x 10 */