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Selective Backlight/Advanced Softlock - Selective actions based on context
Selective backlight allows the user to choose actions that will not enable the backlight when pressed. Advanced softlock allows user to choose actions that will not be blocked by screenlock on devices without a hold button. Both only occur in FM and WPS Contexts. Update: Back from the dead -Cleaned up code, removed unnecessary calls, re-arranged last filter action timeout conditional to work in case last_filtered_action_tick was never set -Added entries to the manual -Fixed back button on some menus not activating backlight -Made menus more intuitive, no actions selected now changes menu item to off. -Added talk fuctionality. -Added option to disable selective backlight while on external power. -Rewrote backlight and softlock handling code to fix issue with scrollwheels -Menu changed to have toggle(yes/no) and settings -Optimized selective actions lookup -Added option to disable notification of 'buttons locked' while softlocked -Removed uneeded code, consolidated action lookup to single function -Fixed incorrect name on selective softlock menu -Added option to disable touch on touchscreen devices -Fixed backlight on original screenlock without selective screenlock active -Added text selection in mask_select for when show_icons is off -Fixed voice in mask_select to speak if voice is defined instead of spelling -Added more lang defines (play skip seek) -Added option to disable unknown keys turning on backlight -Fixed Conditional argument In wrong place causing players without backlight to fail to build -Fixed Disable Unknown blocking detection of context change -Fixed canceling menu didn't update new settings -Added Autolock on backlight off -Removed backlight_on_force from backlight.c, Now sets ignore next to false and uses backlight_on -Cleaned up autolock code added strings to lang file -Fixed issue where rapid presses would bypass softlock -Removed old softlock code, Cleaned selective actions code -Changed menu to match existing RB menus -Fixed Backlight_on_Hold blocked by backlight_ignore_next -Fixed ignore_next for ipod -Fixed bug allowing context with softlock to bypass selective backlight -Changed mask_select to no longer prompt for changes to be saved -Changed menu names -Added ignore timeout to allow ipod scroll wheel to work properly and other players to still work properly, removed some previous code including ignore_event -Increased ignore timeout to prevent sd card accesses from interrupting action code and turning on backlight -Changed Unknown action to unmapped action in menu, changed handling code -Removed unneeded logic and variables for handling unfiltered actions -Reverted unmapped action code to previous functionality -Added manual entries (thanks JohnB) -Removed elusive unhandled unicode character from manual, changed formatting slightly Actions: Volume,Play,Seek,Skip Extras: Disable unmapped actions Disable selective backlight on external power Disable touch during softlock on touchscreen devices Disable softlock notifications (power button still notifies) Autolock on backlight off Method: Adds a function to ignore backlight on next call If selected action occurs backlight is forced on, Filter_first_keypress stays intact. Selective softlock allows selected actions through, bypasses the normal softlock routine. ToDo: DONE previous commit (#1) has attribution for folder_select.c which mask_select is based from. Change-Id: I08132ddcfd64c81751ef23b720f3ec6d68695fe4
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diff --git a/apps/settings_list.h b/apps/settings_list.h
index 2e63220da1..967d581c06 100644
--- a/apps/settings_list.h
+++ b/apps/settings_list.h
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ struct choice_setting {
#define F_CHOICE_SETTING 0x100
#define F_CHOICETALKS 0x200 /* uses .talks in the above struct for the talks */
/* and cfg_vals for the strings to display */
struct table_setting {
void (*option_callback)(int);
const char* (*formatter)(char*, size_t, int, const char*);
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ struct table_setting {
struct custom_setting {
/* load the saved value from the .cfg
setting: pointer into global_settings
- value: the text from the .cfg
+ value: the text from the .cfg
void (*load_from_cfg)(void* setting, char*value);
/* store the value into a .cfg