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Fixed a possible index id destruction and temporary problems with the DB when DB has been loaded to ram, dircache enabled and statistics gathering ON. Fixed serial (affecting last played song order) being one too low after importing the changelog. A bit of code cleanup and comments also.
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diff --git a/apps/tagcache.h b/apps/tagcache.h
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--- a/apps/tagcache.h
+++ b/apps/tagcache.h
@@ -24,17 +24,21 @@
#include "id3.h"
+ Note: When adding new tags, make sure to update index_entry_ec in
+ tagcache.c and bump up the header version too.
+ */
enum tag_type { tag_artist = 0, tag_album, tag_genre, tag_title,
tag_filename, tag_composer, tag_comment, tag_albumartist, tag_grouping, tag_year,
tag_discnumber, tag_tracknumber, tag_bitrate, tag_length, tag_playcount, tag_rating,
tag_playtime, tag_lastplayed, tag_commitid, tag_mtime,
+ /* Real tags end here, count them. */
/* Virtual tags */
tag_virt_length_min, tag_virt_length_sec,
tag_virt_playtime_min, tag_virt_playtime_sec,
tag_virt_entryage, tag_virt_autoscore };
-#define TAG_COUNT 20
/* Maximum length of a single tag. */