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authorSolomon Peachy <>2020-07-21 08:54:14 -0400
committerSolomon Peachy <>2020-07-21 17:22:45 +0000
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build: Tweaks to better support non-English as primary language
* get rid of $(LANGUAGE) in top-level makefile (and configure script) * un-hardcode English-as-primary-language in a couple more places * allow DEFAULT_VOICE_LANG to be overriden To actually change the primary from English, one must change: * $english in * hardcoded 'english' in rbutil * $ENGLISH in apps/lang/lang.make * DEFAULT_VOICE_LANG in apps/talk.c * configure script (default prompt) Of course, if one wants to change the default UI language, it's simpler to change the default language setting variable at compile time, or perhaps by adding a configuration file with the desired value into the .rockbox directory when the .zip is assembled. Change-Id: If5cf76019d416e838628a2eccd4ec7d6cbaeeb74
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diff --git a/apps/talk.c b/apps/talk.c
index d38432de7c..3c532d964c 100644
--- a/apps/talk.c
+++ b/apps/talk.c
@@ -82,7 +82,9 @@ const char* const file_thumbnail_ext = ".talk";
#define LOADED_MASK 0x80000000 /* MSB */
#define DEFAULT_VOICE_LANG "english"
/***************** Data types *****************/