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authorMichael Sevakis <>2012-03-04 14:44:43 -0500
committerMichael Sevakis <>2012-03-04 14:50:47 -0500
commitd18a5cad7f002b2f67385e57118048ea3db185a6 (patch)
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parent534117d1e0d01b78d0ab9040e64fbd88213cd805 (diff)
Tweak paramters of mp3_play_data and callback.
Use generic void * and size_t and make mp3_play_data and its callback agree on types. Use mp3_play_callback_t instead of prototyping right in the function call (so it's not so messy to look at). Change doesn't appear to require plugin API version increment. Change-Id: Idcab2740ee316a2beb6e0a87b8f4934d9d6b3dd8
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diff --git a/apps/talk.c b/apps/talk.c
index ba2050a9ca..4b0975083d 100644
--- a/apps/talk.c
+++ b/apps/talk.c
@@ -401,8 +401,8 @@ load_err:
-/* called in ISR context if mp3 data got consumed */
-static void mp3_callback(unsigned char** start, size_t* size)
+/* called in ISR context (on HWCODEC) if mp3 data got consumed */
+static void mp3_callback(const void** start, size_t* size)
queue[queue_read].len -= sent; /* we completed this */
queue[queue_read].buf += sent;