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authorSt├ęphane Doyon <>2008-07-15 14:55:31 +0000
committerSt├ęphane Doyon <>2008-07-15 14:55:31 +0000
commit3eb76d053db78be1f0b50f70134aa5a3b46ba77d (patch)
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parentd3cb2aca444ab7006dba9379ee0fff1195a7baff (diff)
talk.c helper functions to voice a filename, in a more generic way
than from tree.c Voice a file or dir's thumbnail from path components, or spell last path component. Ability to prefix the thumbnail or spelling with some talk ids. This is the talk_file patch from FS#6323, just refactored a bit. git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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diff --git a/apps/talk.h b/apps/talk.h
index e73164486d..b0a26c3053 100644
--- a/apps/talk.h
+++ b/apps/talk.h
@@ -84,7 +84,17 @@ int talk_get_bufsize(void); /* get the loaded voice file size */
void talk_buffer_steal(void); /* claim the mp3 buffer e.g. for play/record */
bool is_voice_queued(void); /* Are there more voice clips to be spoken? */
int talk_id(int32_t id, bool enqueue); /* play a voice ID from voicefont */
-int talk_file(const char* filename, bool enqueue); /* play a thumbnail from file */
+/* play a thumbnail from file */
+int talk_file(const char *root, const char *dir, const char *file,
+ const char *ext, long *prefix_ids, bool enqueue);
+/* play file's thumbnail or spell name */
+int talk_file_or_spell(const char *dirname, const char* filename,
+ long *prefix_ids, bool enqueue);
+/* play dir's thumbnail or spell name */
+int talk_dir_or_spell(const char* filename,
+ long *prefix_ids, bool enqueue);
+/* play thumbnails for each components of full path, or spell */
+int talk_fullpath(const char* path, bool enqueue);
int talk_number(long n, bool enqueue); /* say a number */
int talk_value(long n, int unit, bool enqueue); /* say a numeric value */
int talk_value_decimal(long n, int unit, int decimals, bool enqueue);