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authorChristian Soffke <>2021-02-15 13:55:30 +0100
committerSolomon Peachy <>2021-02-27 14:38:29 +0000
commit317908e8c31ad07d1cfeaf0e97d9e95bc9fcc99d (patch)
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parent05f10062461adb658a885c1b034e5c4519c19bc4 (diff)
Warn before permanently reshuffling the current playlist
Reshuffling a playlist using the WPS context menu for the current playlist is a destructive operation since the previous order of items can't be restored. A warning should be displayed, so that the user can still cancel the operation in case they intended to select another menu item (e.g. one of the harmless "Playing Time" or "Save Current Playlist" items right next to it). Change-Id: Ib9fc379439d155be907872d77cf54d5035bd08a0
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diff --git a/apps/onplay.c b/apps/onplay.c
index 03470a279f..e7f7e589db 100644
--- a/apps/onplay.c
+++ b/apps/onplay.c
@@ -446,6 +446,8 @@ static bool playing_time(void)
/* CONTEXT_WPS playlist options */
static bool shuffle_playlist(void)
+ if (!warn_on_pl_erase())
+ return false;
playlist_sort(NULL, true);
playlist_randomise(NULL, current_tick, true);