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mkimxboot: tool can now recreate a stub to recover from very low battery
Several devices, including the Fuze+ have great trouble recovering from very low battery states, even in the presence of USB power. This is partly due to buggy Sigmatel boot stubs and Rockbox bootloader doing unsafe power operations on boot (should be fixed soon). In such a state, it is impossible to boot either the OF and Rockbox, so only the recovery mode is available. With this commit, mkimxboot can now create a very small stub which only does one thing but does it well: setup charging to recover from any situation. It does not provide a fancy charging screen or whatever, screen will just stay black and the device will slowly charge at ~100mA. When the battery is back to a normal level, just unplug and boot normally. Change-Id: Ib50880af85ed1f4f64a7eed0f2221e73c889c351
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