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authorTorne Wuff <>2010-06-06 08:46:09 +0000
committerTorne Wuff <>2010-06-06 08:46:09 +0000
commit6778fa8608565c44cfc2a27dd115da0d400879cc (patch)
tree363fffb3f15e2def798b2e9dd4ab4734498260fd /apps
parent1445c3b8c5a88e5f6e5540c266ffb5ee5bf4a3f7 (diff)
Add the GPIO output-enable bits to the debug screen on PP502x
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1 files changed, 21 insertions, 9 deletions
diff --git a/apps/debug_menu.c b/apps/debug_menu.c
index 1814bfbb7c..fce3e7aaf8 100644
--- a/apps/debug_menu.c
+++ b/apps/debug_menu.c
@@ -1118,23 +1118,35 @@ bool dbg_ports(void)
line = 0;
#if (LCD_HEIGHT >= 176) /* Only for displays with appropriate height. */
- lcd_puts(0, line++, "GPIO ENABLE:");
- lcd_putsf(0, line++, "A: %02x E: %02x I: %02x",
+ lcd_puts(0, line++, "GPIO ENABLE: GPIO OUTPUT ENABLE:");
+ lcd_putsf(0, line++, "A: %02x E: %02x I: %02x A: %02x E: %02x I: %02x",
(unsigned int)GPIOA_ENABLE,
(unsigned int)GPIOE_ENABLE,
- (unsigned int)GPIOI_ENABLE);
- lcd_putsf(0, line++, "B: %02x F: %02x J: %02x",
+ (unsigned int)GPIOI_ENABLE,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOA_OUTPUT_EN,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOE_OUTPUT_EN,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOI_OUTPUT_EN);
+ lcd_putsf(0, line++, "B: %02x F: %02x J: %02x B: %02x F: %02x J: %02x",
(unsigned int)GPIOB_ENABLE,
(unsigned int)GPIOF_ENABLE,
- (unsigned int)GPIOJ_ENABLE);
- lcd_putsf(0, line++, "C: %02x G: %02x K: %02x",
+ (unsigned int)GPIOJ_ENABLE,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOB_OUTPUT_EN,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOF_OUTPUT_EN,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOJ_OUTPUT_EN);
+ lcd_putsf(0, line++, "C: %02x G: %02x K: %02x C: %02x G: %02x K: %02x",
(unsigned int)GPIOC_ENABLE,
(unsigned int)GPIOG_ENABLE,
- (unsigned int)GPIOK_ENABLE);
- lcd_putsf(0, line++, "D: %02x H: %02x L: %02x",
+ (unsigned int)GPIOK_ENABLE,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOC_OUTPUT_EN,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOG_OUTPUT_EN,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOK_OUTPUT_EN);
+ lcd_putsf(0, line++, "D: %02x H: %02x L: %02x D: %02x H: %02x L: %02x",
(unsigned int)GPIOD_ENABLE,
(unsigned int)GPIOH_ENABLE,
- (unsigned int)GPIOL_ENABLE);
+ (unsigned int)GPIOL_ENABLE,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOD_OUTPUT_EN,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOH_OUTPUT_EN,
+ (unsigned int)GPIOL_OUTPUT_EN);
lcd_puts(0, line++, "GPIO INPUT VAL:");