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New port: Shanling Q1 native
- Audio playback works - Touchscreen and buttons work - Bootloader works and is capable of dual boot - Plugins are working - Cabbiev2 theme has been ported - Stable for general usage Thanks to Marc Aarts for porting Cabbiev2 and plugin bitmaps. There's a few minor known issues: - Bootloader must be installed manually using 'usbboot' as there is no support in jztool yet. - Keymaps may be lacking, need further testing and feedback. - Some plugins may not be fully adapted to the screen size and could benefit from further tweaking. - LCD shows abnormal effects under some circumstances: for example, after viewing a mostly black screen an afterimage appears briefly when going back to a brightly-lit screen. Sudden power-off without proper shutdown of the backlight causes a "dissolving" effect. - CW2015 battery reporting driver is buggy, and disabled for now. Battery reporting is currently voltage-based using the AXP192. Change-Id: I635e83f02a880192c5a82cb0861ad3a61c137c3a
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