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Disable bootloader messages in the H10 and Sansa bootloaders unless the PLAY (on H10) or RIGHT (on Sansa) button is being held. Messages are still displayed if an error occurs. This has already been implemented for iPod bootloaders, but still needs implementing for the other bootloaders.
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diff --git a/bootloader/common.h b/bootloader/common.h
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--- a/bootloader/common.h
+++ b/bootloader/common.h
@@ -31,9 +31,15 @@
/* Set this to true to enable lcd_update() in the printf function */
extern bool verbose;
+/* Error types */
+#define EATA -1
+#define EDISK -2
+#define EBOOTFILE -3
/* Functions common to all bootloaders */
void reset_screen(void);
void printf(const char *format, ...);
char *strerror(int error);
+void error(int errortype, int error);
int load_firmware(unsigned char* buf, char* firmware, int buffer_size);
int load_raw_firmware(unsigned char* buf, char* firmware, int buffer_size);