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Lua remove unusable/unneeded functions from rocklib_aux
rocklib_aux is auto generated from plugin.h there are a few functions that get added automatically that are unusable without their companion functions or duplicate functionality already supplied by lua Duplicated functionality: rb->rand, rb->srand -- see math.rand math.srand rb->remove, rb->rename -- see os.remove, os.rename Unusable: rb->open_utf8 -- this should be added to the lua file open routines (if at all) rb->codec_run_proc, rb->codec_close -- without rb->codec_load_file these are pointless rb->timer_set_period, timer_unregister -- even with timer_register implemented lua is not -- reentrant and crashes the state when timer fires Shouldn't be used!: rb->strlcpy, rb->strlcat, rb->strcpy, rb->strcat -- lua reuses strings by hashed values you break this contract if -- you change strings behind its back plus lua provides a way to -- do these functions safely within the strings api Change-Id: I2f65704a90930378cbbceb254e52f61e8074471e
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