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authorRafaël Carré <>2009-06-08 23:05:33 +0000
committerRafaël Carré <>2009-06-08 23:05:33 +0000
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FS#10048 : enable MMU and data cache on Sansa AMS to give a major speed up
- cache IRAM and DRAM - map IRAM just next to DRAM to remove the need for -mlong-calls and reduce binsize - tweak delays in Fuze button code - tweak delays in Clip button code (down button sometimes doesn't respond anyway : an alternate driver is being worked on) Before reporting any problem, please check your filesystem or format your player from the OF git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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diff --git a/bootloader/sansa_as3525.c b/bootloader/sansa_as3525.c
index dbe6218d48..48f21bc196 100644
--- a/bootloader/sansa_as3525.c
+++ b/bootloader/sansa_as3525.c
@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@
#include "power.h"
int show_logo(void);
+void main(void) __attribute__((naked, noreturn));
void main(void)
unsigned char* loadbuffer;