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lua late bound cfunction tables
We have quite a bit of ram tied up in lua with our c libraries I was searching for a way to free up some of this when I came across read only tables in e-lua but that involved a lot of patching through the source Instead I came up with this.. it frees about 15k ram without much slowdown in code execution since after a function gets called it is automatically added to the table If you have a performance issue you can call the bind method to bind a specific function or the whole table in one shot for instance rb table rb("lcd_clear") -- binds/returns function rb.lcd_clear() rb(nil) -- binds every function in rb table + removes latebind metatable .. -- added pairs and ipairs code from lua 5.2 -- cleaned up code + made more seamless existing fields are now saved rather than overwritten when table is bound Change-Id: I1c20e76b736c032dedc727d2e58928641e40191d
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