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+In order for the project to run as smoothly as possible, it's best if all
+contributors adhere to a few simple conventions:
+Write all code in C. Sometimes assembly is faster, but C is always more
+readable and maintainable.
+Language features
+Write normal C code. Don't redefine the language. No new types (structs are
+structs, not typedefs), no C++isms or Javaisms. Also, avoid using "const".
+Variables and function names should be all lower case.
+Preprocessor symbols should be all uppercase.
+When changing code, follow the code style of the file you are editing.
+When writing new files, you may use the brace placement style of your choice.
+Always indent your code with four spaces. Don't use TAB characters, as that
+will mess up code display in CVS, printing, and a zillion other places.
+Keep lines below 80 columns length. Use whitespace and newlines to make the
+code easy to browse/read.
+Text format
+Use "unix style" line feeds: "LF" only. Do not use "CR+LF".
+Create a patch using 'cvs diff -ub'.
+Trim your patches so they only contain relevant changes.
+Submit all patches to the mailing list.
+Put [PATCH] first on the subject line of your mail.
+If the patch is very large (>50k), gzip it before you send it.