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Update CONTRIBUTING to reflect our switch to git on gerrit.
Fixes FS#12536 Change-Id: Iee4700ef01eb23c92a026df5074ffcf0257fe0ec
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__________ __ ___.
Open \______ \ ____ ____ | | _\_ |__ _______ ___
Source | _// _ \_/ ___\| |/ /| __ \ / _ \ \/ /
@@ -55,7 +53,7 @@ Braces for function declarations are put in a new line under the name, as in:
Always indent your code with four spaces. Don't use TAB characters, as that
-will mess up code display in CVS, printing, and a zillion other places.
+will mess up code display, printing, and a zillion other places.
Keep lines below 80 columns length. Use whitespace and newlines to make the
code easy to browse/read.
@@ -67,16 +65,18 @@ Use "unix style" line feeds: "LF" only. Do not use "CR+LF".
Use UTF-8 character set, but try to refrain from using any non-ascii
letters as they will only appear weird in some camps no matter what.
+Contributing code
-Create a patch using 'svn diff > mychanges.patch
-Trim your patches so they only contain relevant changes.
+We have a public code review system based on git, which is also how you can
+check out the latest version of the Rockbox sources.
+See for details on how to setup your
+environment and how to upload a change you have made for review.
-Submit your patch to the project via our patch tracker:
+We'd prefer that you don't submit patches to the bug tracker any more,
+as it's much harder to read and discuss them there.
We believe in crediting all contributors by name. Before committing a patch to
-SVN, we ask that you give us your full real name (no pseudonyms or nicknames)
+Git, we ask that you give us your full real name (no pseudonyms or nicknames)
for adding to the credits list.