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Port of Simon Tatham's Puzzle Collection
Original revision: 5123b1bf68777ffa86e651f178046b26a87cf2d9 MIT Licensed. Some games still crash and others are unplayable due to issues with controls. Still need a "real" polygon filling algorithm. Currently builds one plugin per puzzle (about 40 in total, around 100K each on ARM), but can easily be made to build a single monolithic overlay (800K or so on ARM). The following games are at least partially broken for various reasons, and have been disabled on this commit: Cube: failed assertion with "Icosahedron" setting Keen: input issues Mines: weird stuff happens on target Palisade: input issues Solo: input issues, occasional crash on target Towers: input issues Undead: input issues Unequal: input and drawing issues (concave polys) Untangle: input issues Features left to do: - In-game help system - Figure out the weird bugs Change-Id: I7c69b6860ab115f973c8d76799502e9bb3d52368
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Albert Song
The New RAW team (Piotr Padkowski and others)
The Fabother World team (Fabien Sanglard and others)
+The sgt-puzzles Team (Simon Tatham and others)