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+People that have contributed to the project, one way or another. Friends!
+Björn Stenberg Originator, project manager, code
+Linus Nielsen Feltzing Electronics, code
+Andy Choi Checksums
+Andrew Jamieson Schematics, electronics
+Paul Suade Serial port setup
+Joachim Schiffer Schematics, electronics
+Daniel Stenberg Code
+Alan Korr Code
+Gary Czvitkovicz Code
+Stuart Martin Code
+Felix Arends Code
+Ulf Ralberg Thread embryo
+David Härdeman Initial ID3 code
+Thomas Saeys Logo
+Grant Wier Code
+Julien Labruyére Donated Archos Player
+Nicolas Sauzede Display research
+Robert Hak Code, documentation, sarcasm
+Dave Chapman Code
+Stefan Meyer Code
+Eric Linenberg Code
+Tom Cvitan Web design
+Magnus Öman Font
+Jerome Kuptz Code
+Julien Boissinot Code, Sound research
+Nuutti Kotivuori Code
+Heikki Hannikainen Code
+Hardeep Sidhu Code
+Markus Braun Code
+Justin Heiner Code
+Magnus Holmgren Code
+Bill Napier Build fixes
+George Styles Code
+Mats Lidell Code \ No newline at end of file