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@@ -4,15 +4,12 @@ wps.config File Format Specifications
Description / General Info
-* The Custom WPS Display is used on the Rockbox Player ONLY, as a means
- to customize the WPS to the user's likings.
-* Plans to implement this feature into the recorder are in progress.
-* The first line of the 2 line display is the customized line (scrolling).
-* The second line is always the time display. (Elapsed & Total Time).
-* The second line is not able to be customized.
-* Any CR's, LF's, or CR/LF's (Commonly known as Newline/Return/Enter) in
- the wps.config file will be treated as spaces. IE: Don't use them.
+* The Custom WPS Display is used on both the Rockbox Player and Recorder,
+ as a means to customize the WPS to the user's likings.
* After editing the wps.config file, you may need to reboot your Rockbox.
+* The file may be 2 lines long for the Player, and 6 lines for the Recorder.
+* The line that has the time displayed on it MUST NOT be the line that
+ is scrolled, or the time will not be updated.
* All tags except for %%, %?, and %: contain 3 characters (%xx). Remember
to type the tags correctly, or you will get unexpected output, or even
possibly no output at all.
@@ -51,6 +48,10 @@ Playlist/Song Info Tags:
%pt : Total Track Time
Other Tags:
%% : Displays a %
+ %s : Define the line to scroll
+ This MUST be the first tag in the line you want to scroll. It can
+ ONLY be used for one line. Currently, this feature only works in
+ the PLAYER.
Conditional ID3/File Tags (If/Else block):
The following two tags are completely optional, and meant only for those
that wish to go crazy with customization. It lets you specify what to
@@ -71,7 +72,8 @@ Conditional ID3/File Tags (If/Else block):
Example wps.config File (Without If/Else)
-%pp/%pe: %fc * %fsKB
+%s%pp/%pe: %fc * %fsKB
Example Output