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Custom WPS Display
wps.config File Format Specifications
Description / General Info
* The Custom WPS Display is used on both the Rockbox Player and Recorder,
@@ -10,89 +9,71 @@ Description / General Info
* The file may be 2 lines long for the Player, and 6 lines for the Recorder.
* The line that has the time displayed on it MUST NOT be the line that
is scrolled, or the time will not be updated.
-* All tags except for %%, %?, and %: contain 3 characters (%xx). Remember
- to type the tags correctly, or you will get unexpected output, or even
- possibly no output at all.
* All characters not preceded by % are displayed as typed.
File Location
-The configuration file must be located in the root folder of the
+The configuration file must be located in the /.rockbox folder of the
device and must be named wps.config (lowercase)
ID3 Info Tags:
- %it : ID3 Title
%ia : ID3 Artist
+ %it : ID3 Track Title
%in : ID3 Track Number
- %id : ID3 Album
+ %id : ID3 Album Name
File Info Tags:
- %fc : Conditional Title/Filename
- Displays "Artist - Title" *or*
- Displays Filename if no ID3 Artist/Title
- %fd : Conditional Title/Filename
- Displays "Title - Artist" *or*
- Displays Filename if no ID3 Artist/Title
- %fb : File Bitrate
- %ff : File Frequency
+ %fb : File Bitrate (in kbps)
+ %ff : File Frequency (in Hz)
%fp : File Path
%fn : File Name
+ %fm : File Name (without extension)
%fs : File Size (In Kilobytes)
+ %fv : "(vbr)" if variable bit rate or "" if constant bit rate
+ %d1 : First directory from end of file path.
+ %d2 : Second directory from end of file path.
+ %d2 : Third directory from end of file path.
+Example for the the %dN commands: If the path is "/Rock/Kent/Isola/11 -
+747.mp3", %d1 is "Isola", %d2 is "Kent"... You get the picture.
Playlist/Song Info Tags:
%pb : Progress Bar (Player ONLY)
This will display a 1 character "cup" that empties as the song goes
%pp : Playlist Position
- %pe : Playlist Total Entries
+ %pe : Total Number of Playlist Entries
%pc : Current Time In Song
%pr : Remaining Time In Song
%pt : Total Track Time
-Other Tags:
- %% : Displays a %
- %s : Define the line to scroll
- This MUST be the first tag in the line you want to scroll. It can
- ONLY be used for one line. Currently, this feature only works in
- the PLAYER.
-Conditional ID3/File Tags (If/Else block):
- The following two tags are completely optional, and meant only for those
- that wish to go crazy with customization. It lets you specify what to
- do when it finds an ID3 tag, and also when it doesn't find one. It can
- be placed anywhere within the wps.config file.
- The first condition of the If/Else block is what to do when it DOES find
- valid ID3 tags. The second condition is what to do when there are no
- valid ID3 tags available.
- %? : Start/End an If/Else block
- %: : Seperator between If and Else
- Example:
- To display "Title - Artist" if there is ID3 available, or "Filename"
- if there is no ID3, the following string would be used:
- %?%it - %ia%:%fn%?
- Yes, you are not going crazy (although I may be)... This *IS* more
- confusing then Perl :-)
+Conditional Tags (If/Else block):
+ %?xx<|> : Conditional: if the tag specified by "xx" has a value, the
+ text between the "<" and the "|" is displayed, else the text
+ between the "|" and the ">" is displayed.
+ The else part is optional, so the "|" does not have to be
+ specified if no else part is desired. The conditionals nest,
+ so the text in the if and else part can contain all %
+ commands, including conditionals.
-Example wps.config File (Without If/Else)
-%s%pp/%pe: %fc * %fsKB
+Other Tags:
+ %% : Display a '%'
+ %< : Display a '<'
+ %| : Display a '|'
+ %> : Display a '>'
+ %s : Indicate that the line should scroll. Can occur anywhere in
+ a line (given that the text is displayed; see conditional
+ below). Only the first line with a %s will actually scroll.
+ %s is ignored if combined with %pb, %pc or %pr on the same
+ line (the result wouldn't be good anyway).
+Example wps.config
+%s%?in<%in - >%?it<%it|%fn> %?ia<[%ia%?id<, %id>]>
-Example Output
-ID3 Title: None
-ID3 Artist: None
-Playlist Position: 5
-Playlist Total Entries: 10
-Filename: My Song.mp3
-File Size: 3500
-Elapsed Track Time: 2:23
-Total Track Time: 3:01
-The output of this on the player would be:
- ---------------------------
-| 5/10: My Song.mp3 * 3500KB|
-| 2:23/3:01 |
- ---------------------------
-Of course, the whole first line wouldn't fit, so it scrolls it.
+That is, "tracknum - title [artist, album]", where most fields are only
+displayed if available. Could also be rendered as "filename" or
+"tracknum - title [artist]".