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[1/4] Remove SH support and all archos targets
This removes all code specific to SH targets Change-Id: I7980523785d2596e65c06430f4638eec74a06061
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@@ -25,13 +25,6 @@ NOTE: Port maintainers are simply developers who use a particular
target on a daily basis and are therefore able to report issues
specific to that target.
-:Archos Player/Studio: Jens Arnold
-:Archos Recorder v1: Jens Arnold
-:Archos Recorder 8MB:
-:Archos FM Recorder: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
-:Archos Recorder v2: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
-:Archos Ondio FM: Jens Arnold, Marianne Arnold
-:Archos Ondio SP:
:Creative Zen Vision:
:Creative Zen Vision:M: Maurus Cuelenaere
:Creative Zen Vision:M 60GB:
@@ -299,7 +292,6 @@ Build Tools
:convbdf: Daniel Stenberg
:wavtrim: Linus Nielsen Feltzing