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Add myself to MAINTAINERS on anything I (semi-)regularly work on or probably will have a regular part in maintaining.
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@@ -46,34 +46,34 @@ specific to that target.
:Iriver H10 5GB/6GB:
:Iaudio X5:
:Iaudio M5:
-:Sansa E200:
-:Toshiba Gigabeat F:
+:Sansa E200: Michael Sevakis
+:Toshiba Gigabeat F: Michael Sevakis
:Toshiba Gigabeat X:
Core code (low-level)
-:Kernel: Miika Pekkarinen
-:LCD drivers:
-:Button drivers:
+:Kernel: Miika Pekkarinen,Michael Sevakis
+:LCD drivers: Michael Sevakis
+:Button drivers: Michael Sevakis
-:ATA driver:
+:ATA driver: Michael Sevakis
:FAT driver:
:Battery/Power Management:
-:FM Tuner drivers:
-:Audio codec drivers:
+:FM Tuner drivers: Michael Sevakis
+:Audio codec drivers: Michael Sevakis
Core code (Mid-level)
+:DSP: Michael Sevakis
:LCD/Graphics API:
:Playback engine (HWCODEC):
-:Playback engine (SWCODEC):
-:PCM playback API (SWCODEC):
-:PCM recording API (SWCODEC):
+:Playback engine (SWCODEC): Michael Sevakis
+:PCM playback API (SWCODEC): Michael Sevakis
+:PCM recording API (SWCODEC): Michael Sevakis
:Recording API (HWCODEC):
:Fonts and Unicode:
@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ Plugins
:minesweeper: Antoine Cellerier
+:mpegplayer: Michael Sevakis
:pacbox: Dave Chapman
@@ -205,7 +205,7 @@ Plugins
:test_codec: Dave Chapman
+:test_sampr: Michael Sevakis
:text_editor: Jonathan Gordon
@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ Codecs (Playback)
:Ogg Vorbis:
+:SPC: Michael Sevakis
@@ -249,10 +249,10 @@ Codecs (Playback)
Codecs (Recording)
+:AIFF: Michael Sevakis
+:MP3: Michael Sevakis
+:WAVE: Michael Sevakis
+:WavPack: Michael Sevakis