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@@ -13,6 +13,12 @@ Rockbox Maintainers
This file lists the people maintaining the different parts of the
Rockbox project.
+Syntax used:
+A: area name
+M: maintainer person (for the area mentioned above), please use one M: line
+ for each person, one area can have multiple M: lines
Port maintainers
@@ -21,77 +27,80 @@ NOTE: Port maintainers are simply developers who use a particular
target on a daily basis and are therefore able to report issues
specific to that target.
-Archos Player/Studio
-Archos Recorder v1
-Archos Recorder 8MB
-Archos FM Recorder
-Archos Recorder v2
-Archos Ondio FM
-Archos Ondio SP
-Iriver H100/H115
-Iriver H120/H140
-Iriver H320/H340
-Ipod Color/Photo - Dave Chapman
-Ipod Nano 1st Gen
-Ipod 4th Gen Grayscale
-Ipod Video
-Ipod 3rd Gen
-Ipod Mini 1st Gen
-Ipod Mini 2nd Gen
-Iriver H10 20GB
-Iriver H10 5GB/6GB
-Iaudio X5
-Iaudio M5
-Sansa E200
-Toshiba Gigabeat F
-Toshiba Gigabeat X
+A: Archos Player/Studio
+A: Archos Recorder v1
+A: Archos Recorder 8MB
+A: Archos FM Recorder
+A: Archos Recorder v2
+A: Archos Ondio FM
+A: Archos Ondio SP
+A: Iriver H100/H115
+A: Iriver H120/H140
+A: Iriver H320/H340
+A: Ipod Color/Photo
+M: Dave Chapman
+A: Ipod Nano 1st Gen
+A: Ipod 4th Gen Grayscale
+A: Ipod Video
+A: Ipod 3rd Gen
+A: Ipod Mini 1st Gen
+A: Ipod Mini 2nd Gen
+A: Iriver H10 20GB
+A: Iriver H10 5GB/6GB
+A: Iaudio X5
+A: Iaudio M5
+A: Sansa E200
+A: Toshiba Gigabeat F
+A: Toshiba Gigabeat X
Core code (low-level)
-LCD drivers
-Button drivers
-ATA driver
-FAT driver
-Battery/Power Management
-FM Tuner drivers
-Audio codec drivers
+A: Kernel
+A: LCD drivers
+A: Button drivers
+A: Rolo
+A: ATA driver
+A: FAT driver
+A: Battery/Power Management
+A: FM Tuner drivers
+A: Audio codec drivers
Core code (Mid-level)
-LCD/Graphics API
-Playback engine (HWCODEC)
-Playback engine (SWCODEC)
-PCM playback API (SWCODEC)
-PCM recording API (SWCODEC)
-Recording API (HWCODEC)
-Fonts and Unicode
-Screens API and GUI widgets
-Settings API
-Language API
-Menu API
-Button actions
+A: LCD/Graphics API
+A: Playback engine (HWCODEC)
+A: Playback engine (SWCODEC)
+A: PCM playback API (SWCODEC)
+A: PCM recording API (SWCODEC)
+A: Recording API (HWCODEC)
+A: Fonts and Unicode
+A: Replaygain
+A: Profiling
+A: Screens API and GUI widgets
+A: Settings API
+A: Language API
+A: Menu API
+A: Button actions
Core code (high-level)
-Cuesheet support
-Radio UI
-Recording UI
-Voice UI
-User interface
+A: Bookmarks
+A: Cuesheet support
+A: Database
+A: Playlists
+A: Radio UI
+A: Recording UI
+A: Voice UI
+A: User interface
Metadata parsing
@@ -99,10 +108,10 @@ Metadata parsing
NOTE: Format-specific container format parsing is maintained by the
relevant codec maintainer.
-Vorbis Comments
+A: General
+A: ID3v1/v2
+A: Vorbis Comments
+A: APEv2
@@ -111,184 +120,217 @@ Translations
NOTE: Any languages without a dedicated maintainer are maintained by
the person(s) named next to "General".
-[Language 1]
-[Language 2]
+A: General
+A: [Language 1]
+A: [Language 2]
-Plugin loader & API
-Plugin library (general)
-Greyscale library
-XLCD library
-pacbox - Dave Chapman
-sudoku - Dave Chapman
-test_codec - Dave Chapman
+A: Plugin loader & API
+A: Plugin library (general)
+A: Greyscale library
+A: XLCD library
+A: alpine_cdc
+A: battery_bench
+A: blackjack
+A: bounce
+A: brickmania
+A: bubbles
+A: calculator
+A: calendar
+A: chessbox
+A: chessclock
+A: chip8
+A: chopper
+A: clock
+A: credits
+A: cube
+A: demystify
+A: dice
+A: dict
+A: disktidy
+A: doom
+A: euroconverter
+A: fire
+A: fireworks
+A: firmware_flash
+A: flipit
+A: grayscale
+A: helloworld
+A: invadrox
+A: iriver_flash
+A: iriverify
+A: jackpot
+A: jewels
+A: jpeg
+A: logo
+A: mandelbrot
+A: maze
+A: mazezam
+A: metronome
+A: midi2wav
+A: midiplay
+A: minesweeper
+A: mosaique
+A: mp3_encoder
+A: mpegplayer
+A: nim
+A: oscilloscope
+A: pacbox
+M: Dave Chapman
+A: plasma
+A: pong
+A: properties
+A: random_folder_advance_config
+A: reversi
+A: rockblox
+A: rockbox_flash
+A: rockboy
+A: rocklife
+A: rockpaint
+A: search
+A: sliding_puzzle
+A: snake
+A: snake2
+A: snow
+A: sokoban
+A: solitaire
+A: sort
+A: spacerocks
+A: splitedit
+A: star
+A: starfield
+A: stats
+A: stopwatch
+A: sudoku
+M: Dave Chapman
+A: test_codec
+M: Dave Chapman
+A: test_disk
+A: test_fps
+A: test_sampr
+A: test_scanrate
+A: text_editor
+A: vbrfix
+A: video
+A: viewer
+A: vu_meter
+A: wav2wv
+A: wavplay
+A: wavrecord
+A: wavview
+A: wormlet
+A: xobox
+A: zxbox
Codecs (Playback)
-Codec loader & API
-A/52 (AC-3) - Dave Chapman
-ALAC - Dave Chapman
-APE (Monkey's Audio) - Dave Chapman
-FLAC - Dave Chapman
-MPEG Audio (MP1/MP2/MP3)
-Ogg Vorbis
-WMA - Dave Chapman (ASF parsing only)
+A: Codec loader & API
+A: A/52 (AC-3)
+M: Dave Chapman
+A: ALAC - Dave Chapman
+A: APE (Monkey's Audio)
+M: Dave Chapman
+M: Dave Chapman
+A: MPEG Audio (MP1/MP2/MP3)
+A: Musepack
+A: Ogg Vorbis
+A: Shorten
+A: Speex
+A: WavPack
+M: Dave Chapman (ASF parsing only)
Codecs (Recording)
+A: MP3
+A: WavPack
-Iriver H1xx/H3xx
-Iaudio X5/M5
-PortalPlayer (not ipod)
-Ipod - Dave Chapman
-Gigabeat F/X
+A: Iriver H1xx/H3xx
+A: Iaudio X5/M5
+A: PortalPlayer (not ipod)
+A: Ipod
+M: Dave Chapman
+A: Gigabeat F/X
Build Tools
-configure script and build system
+A: configure script and build system
+M: Daniel Stenberg
+A: bdf2bmp
+A: bmp2rb
+A: checkwps
+A: mkboot
+A: database
+A: rdf2binary
+A: convbdf
+A: codepages
+A: player_unifont
+A: uclpack
+A: wavtrim
+A: voicefont
+A: scramble
+A: descramble
Install Tools
-Rockbox Utility
-ipodpatcher - Dave Chapman
-sansapatcher - Dave Chapman
+A: Rockbox Utility
+A: ipodpatcher
+M: Dave Chapman
+A: sansapatcher
+M: Dave Chapman
-Manual build system
+A: Manual build system
[What to put here - maintainers for chapters?]
+Web site stuff
+A: web site scripts and server-side admin
+M: Daniel Stenberg
+M: Björn Stenberg
+M: Linus Nielsen Feltzing