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Add myself as maintainer for a couple of things.
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@@ -44,12 +44,12 @@ specific to that target.
:Ipod Mini 1st Gen:
:Ipod Mini 2nd Gen: Jens Arnold
:Ipod Nano 1st Gen: Thom Johansen
-:Iriver H10 20GB:
+:Iriver H10 20GB: Barry Wardell
:Iriver H10 5GB/6GB:
:Iaudio X5: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iaudio X5V: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iaudio M5: Marianne Arnold
-:Sansa E200: Michael Sevakis
+:Sansa E200: Michael Sevakis, Barry Wardell
:Sansa E200R:
:Sansa C200:
:Toshiba Gigabeat F: Michael Sevakis
@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ Core code (low-level)
:ATA driver: Michael Sevakis
:MMC driver: Jens Arnold
+:SD driver: Barry Wardell
:FAT driver: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Battery/Power Management:
:FM Tuner drivers: Michael Sevakis
@@ -270,9 +271,9 @@ Bootloaders
:Iriver H1xx/H3xx: Miika Pekkarinen, Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iaudio X5/M5: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
-:PortalPlayer (not ipod):
+:PortalPlayer (not ipod): Barry Wardell
:Ipod: Dave Chapman
-:Gigabeat F/X
+:Gigabeat F/X: Barry Wardell
Build Tools
@@ -302,7 +303,7 @@ Install Tools
:Rockbox Utility:
:ipodpatcher: Dave Chapman
-:sansapatcher: Dave Chapman
+:sansapatcher: Dave Chapman, Barry Wardell