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README: Update cross-toolchain info
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@@ -22,14 +22,13 @@ Build Your Own Rockbox
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
-3. Make sure you have sh/arm/m68k-elf-gcc and siblings in the PATH. Make sure
+3. Make sure you have mips/m68k/arm-elf-gcc and siblings in the PATH. Make sure
that you have 'perl' in your PATH too. Your gcc cross compiler needs to be
a particular version depending on what player you are compiling for. These
- can be acquired with the script in the /tools/ folder of the
- source, or will have been included if you've installed one of the
- toolchains or development environments provided at
+ can be generated using the script in the /tools/ folder of the
+ source.
- $ which sh-elf-gcc
+ $ which arm-elf-eabi-gcc
$ which perl
4. In your build directory, run the 'tools/configure' script and enter what
@@ -54,12 +53,12 @@ Build Your Own Rockbox
If you want to build for more than one target, just create several build
directories and create a setup for each target:
- $ mkdir build-fmrecorder
- $ cd build-fmrecorder
+ $ mkdir build-fuzeplus
+ $ cd build-fuzeplus
$ ../tools/configure
- $ mkdir build-player
- $ cd build-player
+ $ mkdir build-xduoox3
+ $ cd build-xduoox3
$ ../tools/configure
-Questions anyone? Ask on the mailing list. We'll be happy to help you!
+Questions anyone? Ask on the mailing list or on IRC. We'll be happy to help you!