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Updated Q76, dir buffer full
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Solution: Increase the "max files in dir browser" setting.
- The current official release (2.3) contains a bug that sets
- the default buffer setting to 0, giving the dir buffer full error.
- Solution:
+ The 2.2 release contained a bug that set the default buffer setting
+ to 0, giving the dir buffer full error.
- 1) Change the limit in the settings
- 2) Exit the menu back to the browser
- 3) Force a disk spinup. There are several ways: either select
- another setting for the file filter, or insert the USB and extract
- it again
- 4) Turn it off and on again
+ Solution: Upgrade to 2.3.
Q77: Why are you developing X when you should be doing Y?
A77: You make the common mistake of confusing Rockbox development with that of