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@@ -218,3 +218,12 @@ A15: That depends on who you ask. ;-) NiMH sellers say NiMHs are better and
However, if you use your AJB connected to the charger all the time,
we recommend you to use the deep discharge option.
+Q16: When I start my Jukebox, (dis)connect the charger and browse through the
+ directories, the battery level changes a little bit. Sometimes it's even
+ going up without the charger is connected! What's wrong?
+A16: Nothing's wrong. The battery level is calculated out of the voltage.
+ Because disk spinning, LED backlight, charger all influence the actual
+ battery voltage, it is usual that the battery level is going a little bit
+ up and down sometimes. This cannot be avoided although we tried to make the
+ battery level display as little confusing as we could.