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Added important info for Ondio users
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The Release version (currently 2.3) is a frozen known-good state. This
means that we are confident that few, if any, significant bugs reside
within the code for that version. This is the version for the common
- user.
+ user, *except for Ondio*. Use a current daily build for Ondio.
+ There are 2 bugs in the 2.3 release that render it not recommended for
+ Ondio: (1) Saving configuration files or radio presets takes ages, and
+ wears the flash chip much more than necessary. (2) Rockbox 2.3 does not
+ yet support all Ondio hardware variants. This may lead to non-working
+ storage access both from rockbox and via USB.
The Daily Builds ( are automated
daily builds of the CVS (development) code. As such they contain all the