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Johan Vromans' Q73 contribution as posted on April 30, 2003.
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@@ -642,3 +642,28 @@ A72: When looking on the hard disk the Archos firmware only matches the first
ajbrec.ajz.bak or ajbrec.ajz-20030404 match and are loaded. To
prevent this from happening, give the it a file name that differs in
the first 10 characters, e.g., ajbrec.bak.ajz.
+Q73: Help! My recorder crashes when I copy files to it!
+A73: Yes, the recorder can crash when you copy several gigabytes of
+ files to it. The explanation is simple: Copying several gigabytes
+ of files through USB requires a long period of sustained disk
+ activity and drains more power than the batteries of the recorder
+ can store. A long copy will eventually drain the batteries to the
+ point where the recorder can no longer function and it halts.
+ This even happens when connected to the charger, since the power
+ drain is more than the charger can provide! If the recorder halts
+ while connecter to the charger, the batteries will recover and
+ after a short while it will reboot the Archos firmware in charger
+ mode. To make it worse, depending on the USB drivers of your
+ system it can cause your system to crash as well, or confuse it
+ to the point it needs a reboot.
+ There is no solution, just some tips.
+ * Connect to the charger when copying lots of files. This will
+ not prevent the problem, but it will take longer to happen.
+ * Make sure you have "Deep Discharge" disabled.
+ * Switch off the "Backlight On When Plugged" option.
+ * Use USB 2.0. Transfers will be much faster.
+ * Copy incrementally. With fully charged standard batteries it
+ should be capable of sustained copying for 2 - 2.5 hours.