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docs: Add myself to revelant parts of the MAINTAINERS file.
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@@ -25,9 +25,11 @@ NOTE: Port maintainers are simply developers who use a particular
target on a daily basis and are therefore able to report issues
specific to that target.
+:AGPTek Rocker:Solomon Peachy
:Creative Zen Vision:
:Creative Zen Vision:M: Maurus Cuelenaere
:Creative Zen Vision:M 60GB:
+:Eros Q / K:Solomon Peachy
:Iriver H100/H115: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iriver H120/H140: Miika Pekkarinen, Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:Iriver H320/H340: Peter D'Hoye
@@ -52,7 +54,9 @@ specific to that target.
:Sansa C200:
:Toshiba Gigabeat F: Michael Sevakis
:Toshiba Gigabeat X:
+:xDuoo X3:Solomon Peachy
+:xDuoo X3ii:Solomon Peachy
+:xDuoo X20:Solomon Peachy
Core code (low-level)
@@ -280,8 +284,8 @@ Bootloaders
Build Tools
-:configure script and build system: Daniel Stenberg
-:genlang: Daniel Stenberg
+:configure script and build system: Solomon Peachy
+:genlang: Solomon Peachy
:bmp2rb: Daniel Stenberg
:checkwps: Nicolas Pennequin
@@ -296,7 +300,7 @@ Build Tools
:scramble: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:descramble: Linus Nielsen Feltzing
:mkinfo: Daniel Stenberg
-:voice perl script: Jonas Häggqvist
+:voice perl script: Solomon Peachy
Install Tools
@@ -322,4 +326,4 @@ Utilities
Web site stuff
-:web site scripts and server-side admin:Daniel Stenberg,Björn Stenberg,Linus Nielsen Feltzing
+:web site scripts and server-side admin:Solomon Peachy