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Xworld - Another World interpreter for Rockbox
Co-conspirators: Franklin Wei, Benjamin Brown -------------------------------------------------------------------- This work is based on: - Fabien Sanglard's "Fabother World" based on - Piotr Padkowski's newRaw interpreter which was based on - Gregory Montoir's reverse engineering of - Eric Chahi's assembly code -------------------------------------------------------------------- Progress: * The plugin runs pretty nicely (with sound!) on most color targets * Keymaps for color LCD targets are complete * The manual entry is finished * Grayscale/monochrome support is NOT PLANNED - the game looks horrible in grayscale! :p -------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: * The original game strings were built-in to the executable, and were copyrighted and could not be used. * This port ships with an alternate set of strings by default, but can load the "official" strings from a file at runtime. -------------------------------------------------------------------- To be done (in descending order of importance): * vertical stride compatibility <30% done> * optimization <10% done> Change-Id: I3155b0d97c2ac470cb8a2040f40d4139ddcebfa5 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Giacomelli <>
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The MikMod team
Michael McTernan (The ARM unwinder author)
Albert Song
+The New RAW team (Piotr Padkowski and others)
+The Fabother World team (Fabien Sanglard and others)