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Initial implementation of audio support (44.1KHz only, mp2 or mp3, mono/stereo, any bitrate) and .mpg file (MPEG program stream) parsing for mpegplayer - .m2v files are no longer supported. .mpg parser based on patch #6366 from Mathieu Favreaux. Currently limited to only playing files smaller than the available buffer RAM (it will play longer files, but never refills the buffer when it runs empty). There is also no a/v sync implemented, and still no seeking support. Coldfire (iriver H3x0 and iaudio X5) users can use the optimisations provided in patch #5995 to increase the framerate, and PortalPlayer (ipods and iriver H10) users will want to use kernel_on_cop_6.diff from FS#5755 which enables mpegplayer to run the video thread on the second CPU core - video on the second core with audio on the first core runs at the same speed as the old mpegplayer did with no audio.
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