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list: reset viewport to avoid corrupting the text in the first line
While using Rockbox for a while on my 1st-gen iPod mini I noticed that the first entry of a list sometimes displays a wrong character at the 18th column. For example, the ':' character would display as 'z', the '-' character as 'm', 0x00 would display '@' and so on. Oddly enough this only occurred when the scrollbar was enabled. I figured that the call to `display->set_viewport(list_text_vp);` in the for loop inside `list_draw(...)` causes this. Digging deeper I noticed that in the `lcd-bitmap-common.c` driver the `current_viewport` was pointing to the start of the line's text. From what I can tell the cause of this was that the viewport was set to a struct with a shorter scope than the entire function. The actual fix for this is quite straightforward -- once the scrollbar has been drawn the viewport is now changed back to the default one. Change-Id: Id6a7bd8f74864641ea1670fedea9d12d764e78c0
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