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Enhancement of the metronome plugin:
- square sine tick and tock sounds (more annoying, more useful;-) - optical indication of tics on display - unification of mode of operation for SWCODEC and HWCODEC (tested on simulator) Both playback and display drawing happen in main loop, always. - operating in two modes now: -- 1. classic dumb metronome --- active when openened as application without file to open --- the usual functionality with tapping and bpm change --- controls indicated on display -- 2. track mode with programmable series of parts --- active when started as viewer for a .tempo file --- differing meters (4/4, 3/4, 6/8, etc.) --- patterns (tick/tock/silence on each beat) --- smooth tempo changes in those tracks This version had lots of testing regarding metronome accuracy, resulting in the realization that PLL A and PLL B differ on the Clip+, causing drift. There is still drift when the timer intervall is too small, so I settled on 2 ms as compromise. This is the final version, after adding documentation and extensive help from Sebastian Leonhardt testing it on slower hardware (YH820), where it works up to 650 actual bpm with display indication. Latest change: Documentation nitpicks. Change-Id: I764c8252526db188352385c5462f9453d882beb9
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