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Why doesn't charging start immediately?
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@@ -79,10 +79,13 @@ A6: sells 1800 mAh NiMH cells at $3.25USD each,
Q7: What kind of run-time can I expect on a set of fully-charged batteries
when running Rockbox?
A7: For the stock 1500 mAh cells, from 6 hours to 8 hours, depending on
- which charger was used (see Q3). It depends a lot on the condition of the
+ which charger was used (see Q3) and the bitrate you use (higher bitrate
+ means more harddisk runtime). It depends a lot on the condition of the
batteries. With 2000 mAh batteries, you should reach about 10 hours or more.
We are looking into implementing more battery-saving techniques in rockbox
to make it rock longer.
+ If you have a modified AJB with 8 MB, you can reach playing times of up to
+ 16 hours with 2100 mAh batteries.
Q8: Can I use different batteries in my Archos? How much playtime would
I gain by using 1800 mAh batteries instead of the 1500 mAh ones?
@@ -245,3 +248,14 @@ A16: Nothing's wrong. The battery level is calculated out of the voltage.
battery voltage, it is usual that the battery level is going a little bit
up and down sometimes. This cannot be avoided although we tried to make the
battery level display as little confusing as we could.
+Q17: My batteries are at 92%, the charger is connected to my recorder, deep
+ discharge is off. But charging doesn't start. What's wrong?
+A17: Charging starts if the battery level is below 85%. This is because
+ charging batteries that *are* already more or less full is not good for
+ the batteries and the end of the charging cycle can't be detected safely.
+ So it's better to start at a level at least as low as 85%.
+ If you want to have full batteries in the morning, leave the charger
+ connected over night. Charging will then start some hours later. The
+ second possibility: Use the Archos charging algorithm. At least,
+ your batteries will be full one more time. ;-) \ No newline at end of file