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Craig Sather's patch #749974:
Adds the ability to define 2 or more alternating lines on each line of the WPS and the ability to control how long each alternating line is displayed before switching to the next one. Backward compatible with the current WPS specification language (existing WPS files will display the same as they do now). His HTML version of the docs is found at: git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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so the text in the if and else part can contain all %
commands, including conditionals.
+Alternating Sublines
+It is possible to group items on each line into 2 or more groups or "sublines".
+Each subline will be displayed in succession on the line for a specified time,
+alternating continuously through each defined subline.
+Items on a line are broken into sublines with the semicolon ';' character. The
+display time for each subline defaults to 2 seconds unless modified by using
+the '%t' tag to specify an alternate time (in seconds and optional tenths of a
+second) for the subline to be displayed.
+Subline related special characters and tags:
+ ; : Split items on a line into separate sublines
+ %t : Set the subline display time. The '%t' is followed by either integer
+ seconds (%t5), or seconds and tenths of a second (%t3.5).
+Each alternating subline can still be optionally scrolled while it is being
+displayed, and scrollable formats can be displayed on the same line with
+non-scrollable formats (such as track elapsed time) as long as they are
+separated into different sublines.
+ Example subline definition:
+ %s%t4%ia;%s%it;%t3%pc %pr : Display id3 artist for 4 seconds,
+ Display id3 title for 2 seconds,
+ Display current and remaining track time
+ for 3 seconds,
+ repeat...
+Conditionals can be used with sublines to display a different set and/or number
+of sublines on the line depending on the evaluation of the conditional.
+ Example subline with conditionals:
+ %?it<%t8%s%it|%s%fn>;%?ia<%t3%s%ia|%t0>
+ The format above will do two different things depending if ID3
+ tags are present. If the ID3 artist and title are present :
+ Display id3 title for 8 seconds,
+ Display id3 artist for 3 seconds,
+ repeat...
+ If the ID3 artist and title are not present :
+ Display the filename continuously.
+Note that by using a subline display time of 0 in one branch of a conditional,
+a subline can be skipped (not displayed) when that condition is met.
Other Tags:
%% : Display a '%'
%< : Display a '<'
%| : Display a '|'
%> : Display a '>'
+ %; : Display a ';'
%s : Indicate that the line should scroll. Can occur anywhere in
a line (given that the text is displayed; see conditionals
above). You can specify up to 10 scrolling lines.