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pcm: Get rid of pcm_play_pause() and associated APIs
Nothing in the core has used it for some time. It's exported to the plugin API but the last plugins to use it were switched to the mixer API back in 2011. This allows us to get rid of pcm_play_dma_pause() from all audio drivers Change-Id: Ic3fa02592316f84963e41d792d1cabb436d1ff6b
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@@ -1430,11 +1430,6 @@ void pcm_init_recording(void)
\conditions defined(HAVE_RECORDING)
-bool pcm_is_paused(void)
- \group sound
- \return true if playback is paused, else false
- \description
bool pcm_is_playing(void)
\group sound
\return true unless playback is paused
@@ -1451,14 +1446,9 @@ void pcm_play_lock(void)
\group sound
-void pcm_play_pause(bool play)
- \group sound
- \param play
- \description Pauses or unpauses the playback depending on the truth value of =play=
void pcm_play_stop(void)
\group sound
- \description Stops the playback and empties the audio buffer unlike [F[pcm_play_pause]]
+ \description Stops the playback and empties the audio buffer.
void pcm_play_unlock(void)
\group sound