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ipod Classic: implement HAVE_RECORDING
This patch has been tested on iPod 80 and 160slim, actually it works but some updates must be done to the final version: - unlimitted input buffer - decrease CHUNK_SIZE - use non-cached addresses instead of discard d-cache ??? Capture hardware versions: Ver iPod models capture support --- ----------- --------------- 0 80/160fat dock line-in 1 120/160slim dock line-in + jack mic HW version 1 includes an amplifier for the jack plug mic. Capture HW detection only tested on iPod 80 and 160slim. CODEC power: AFAIK, OF powers CS42L55 at VA=2.4V for capture (1.8V for playback) and turns on the ADC charge pump. CODEC datasheet recommmends to disable the charge pump for VA>2.1V. CS42L55 DS, s4.13 (Required Initialization Settings): for VA>2.1V, some adjustments "must" be done using undocummented "control port compensation" registers. OF does not modifies these registers when VA=2.4V. This patch configures capture HW in the same way as OF does. TODO: - ADC full scale voltage depends on VA, perform tests to find clipping levels for VA=1.8V and VA=2.4V Change-Id: I7e20fd3ecaa83b1c58d5c746f5153fe5c3891d75
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