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authorMichael Sevakis <>2014-08-08 06:33:51 -0400
committerMichael Sevakis <>2014-08-16 05:15:37 -0400
commit6ed00870abd566d7267d2436c2693f5a281cda2f (patch)
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Base scheduler queues off linked lists and do cleanup/consolidation
Abstracts threading from itself a bit, changes the way its queues are handled and does type hiding for that as well. Do alot here due to already required major brain surgery. Threads may now be on a run queue and a wait queue simultaneously so that the expired timer only has to wake the thread but not remove it from the wait queue which simplifies the implicit wake handling. List formats change for wait queues-- doubly-linked, not circular. Timeout queue is now singly-linked. The run queue is still circular as before. Adds a better thread slot allocator that may keep the slot marked as used regardless of the thread state. Assists in dumping special tasks that switch_thread was tasked to perform (blocking tasks). Deletes alot of code yet surprisingly, gets larger than expected. Well, I'm not not minding that for the time being-- omlettes and break a few eggs and all that. Change-Id: I0834d7bb16b2aecb2f63b58886eeda6ae4f29d59
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diff --git a/firmware/asm/m68k/thread.c b/firmware/asm/m68k/thread.c
index 7df89001d7..de07b29729 100644
--- a/firmware/asm/m68k/thread.c
+++ b/firmware/asm/m68k/thread.c
@@ -86,6 +86,8 @@ static inline void load_context(const void* addr)
+#ifdef RB_PROFILE
* Call this from asm to make sure the sp is pointing to the
* correct place before the context is saved.
@@ -99,3 +101,6 @@ static inline void _profile_thread_stopped(int current_thread)
:: [id] "r" (current_thread)
: "cc", "memory");
+#define profile_thread_stopped _profile_thread_stopped
+#endif /* RB_PROFILE */