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authorThomas Martitz <>2012-03-28 22:57:13 +0200
committerThomas Martitz <>2012-03-28 23:02:39 +0200
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build system: completely autodetect target cpu architecture.
The existing ARCH Makefile variable is exported to the C code as well. Additionally the version (arm-only for now) is detected as well. This allows to for complete autodetection, i.e. that optimized ASM is picked up if determined by preprocessor (CPU_ARM, etc). Building a sim/raaa on a arm host will now automatically generate a arm optmized build like we have for native targets. Change-Id: I0b35393f8fb3ebd20beaa9e7371fa57bf3782107
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diff --git a/firmware/asm/asm.make b/firmware/asm/asm.make
index 17b666ee5e..69147c506e 100644
--- a/firmware/asm/asm.make
+++ b/firmware/asm/asm.make
@@ -10,8 +10,9 @@
# Collect dummy C files in firmware/asm
ASM_DUMMY_SRC := $(notdir $(call preprocess, $(FIRMDIR)/asm/SOURCES))
+ASM_ARCH := $(subst arch_,,$(ARCH)) # strip arch_ prefix from $(ARCH)
# Get the corresponding real source files under firmware/asm/$ARCH (C or ASM)
-ASM_C_SRC := $(addprefix $(FIRMDIR)/asm/$(ARCH)/,$(ASM_DUMMY_SRC))
+ASM_C_SRC := $(addprefix $(FIRMDIR)/asm/$(ASM_ARCH)/,$(ASM_DUMMY_SRC))
ASM_S_SRC := $(ASM_C_SRC:.c=.S)
# ASM_SRC now contains only files that exist under $ARCH