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authorMarcin Bukat <>2014-01-09 21:37:07 +0100
committerMarcin Bukat <>2014-01-16 10:17:39 +0100
commit7ab237b025cbb4c25d345604da32e894379c1721 (patch)
tree92d147029519c55d57db4273066d57b960ad7158 /firmware/core_alloc.c
parent7f5dce4116bf4e62e0cd3ef16730157e17625e1c (diff)
buflib: Add crc field protecting buflib cookie integrity
This should catch the case of buffer misuse which results in corrupted cookie of next allocation. The check is performed on move_block() so it may be a bit late. There is buflib_check_valid() provided which checks the integrity of all cookies for given context. On DEBUG build with --sdl-thread this check is carried out for core_ctx on every context switch to catch problems earlier. Change-Id: I999d4576084592394e3dbd3bdf0f32935ff5f601 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Martitz <>
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diff --git a/firmware/core_alloc.c b/firmware/core_alloc.c
index aa662fbee5..e9f9795917 100644
--- a/firmware/core_alloc.c
+++ b/firmware/core_alloc.c
@@ -96,3 +96,10 @@ void core_print_block_at(int block_num, char* buf, size_t bufsize)
buflib_print_block_at(&core_ctx, block_num, buf, bufsize);
+#ifdef DEBUG
+void core_check_valid(void)
+ buflib_check_valid(&core_ctx);