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authorAmaury Pouly <>2016-08-20 21:28:50 +0100
committerAmaury Pouly <>2016-12-12 12:15:24 +0100
commitaf81cc4a935753d3ba6c692b7e928691f0155355 (patch)
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parentbfd3b0831268b24a1f3e54fbc1d5978409882a91 (diff)
imx233: slightly rework 3D audio setting
The old code made the setting appear as 0dB, 1.5dB, 3dB and 4.5dB when in fact it is 0dB, 3dB, 4.5dB and 6dB. This commit clarifies the code and also fix this at the same time. This imx233 3D enhancement is complete crap anyway but now you can satisfy yourself with 6 dB of pure crap, clearly an enhancement. Change-Id: Ia3e088987c1ff0cdde228905ff70f46476a499a2
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diff --git a/firmware/drivers/audio/imx233-codec.c b/firmware/drivers/audio/imx233-codec.c
index 357aa33bb5..d56eb44d57 100644
--- a/firmware/drivers/audio/imx233-codec.c
+++ b/firmware/drivers/audio/imx233-codec.c
@@ -93,9 +93,7 @@ void audiohw_set_recvol(int left, int right, int type)
void audiohw_set_depth_3d(int val)
- /* input is raw value ranging from 0dB to 6dB in tenth of dB
- * convert to value in 1.5dB steps */
- imx233_audioout_set_3d_effect(val / 15);
+ imx233_audioout_set_3d_effect(val);
void audiohw_set_monitor(bool enable)