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authorBoris Gjenero <>2012-10-27 12:57:29 -0400
committerMarcin Bukat <>2013-01-24 11:27:12 +0100
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Re-enable PP502x ATA DMA
PP502x ATA DMA was disabled in 55fab77 because it caused various instability on all targets using it. This instability is fixed in 583c948 via FS#12391. Here, ATA DMA is enabled for all PP502x targets except nano1g and hdd6330. For nano1g, there may be other causes of instability and more testing is needed. ATA DMA does not work on hdd6330. Change-Id: I786b9edb19e74e6eb957ab205ea026f0969200ac Reviewed-on: Tested-by: David Hooper <> Tested-by: Boris Gjenero <> Reviewed-by: Szymon Dziok <> Tested-by: Szymon Dziok <> Reviewed-by: Marcin Bukat <>
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diff --git a/firmware/export/config/mrobe100.h b/firmware/export/config/mrobe100.h
index 0b03962a65..2e0ff39607 100644
--- a/firmware/export/config/mrobe100.h
+++ b/firmware/export/config/mrobe100.h
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@
/* DMA is used only for reading on PP502x because although reads are ~8x faster
* writes appear to be ~25% slower.
-/* Switched off due to reported instabilities. #define HAVE_ATA_DMA */
+#define HAVE_ATA_DMA
/* Define this if a programmable hotkey is mapped */