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authorJames Buren <>2021-07-07 21:06:31 +0000
committerSolomon Peachy <>2021-07-08 13:15:30 +0000
commitc174d3a544b92be55bc0d09443522386363129f5 (patch)
treec0462544de28dff56285a55ff2824daee06c0f34 /firmware/export/fat.h
parente6ee3dd17cf040cf38c8751c99edaec67f7a5ab5 (diff)
file/fat: add utime function
This emulates the traditional utime function from UNIX clones to allow for manual updates of the modification timestamp on files and directories. This should only prove useful for non-native targets as those usually have a libc version of utime. Change-Id: Iea8a1d328e78b92c400d3354ee80689c7cf53af8
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diff --git a/firmware/export/fat.h b/firmware/export/fat.h
index 27c2a161f6..b83ceeec0d 100644
--- a/firmware/export/fat.h
+++ b/firmware/export/fat.h
@@ -140,6 +140,8 @@ enum fat_remove_op /* what should fat_remove(), remove? */
int fat_remove(struct fat_file *file, enum fat_remove_op what);
int fat_rename(struct fat_file *parent, struct fat_file *file,
const unsigned char *newname);
+int fat_utime(struct fat_file *parent, struct fat_file *file,
+ const struct utimbuf *utimes);
/** File stream functions **/
int fat_closewrite(struct fat_filestr *filestr, uint32_t size,